Corporate Investment

Value securities Corporate Investment Team offers Exclusive customised Investment advisory service aims to meet the specific requirements of companies, Institutions and Trust. This team comprise well qualified and seasoned expert trained to manage diversity and complexity of treasury investments. We are also acclaimed for our extensive in-depth research work on debt and equity market which aid people in their investment decision.

We offer range of Investments Services like:

  • Short Term Treasury Investments.
  • Debt Investments (Primary & Secondary)
  • Portfolio Management in Equities
  • Long term Investments avenues like Bonds/ NCD's

Business Insurance Solutions:

We provide comprehensive Service on Insurance broking specialized in Business Insurance solution in association with leading insurer in India across all segments of the industry ranging from Small & Medium Scale Enterprises to Large Corporate...

For your quick reference, we have listed down bouquet of products to cater to your insurance needs.

  • Marine Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Industrial Insurance
  • Employee Benefit Insurance

We also complement our wide coverage with advices on Risk Management and Loss Preventions.
Do write us/call for your Investment and Insurance solution.